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  • Image of Fett's Vette
  • Image of Fett's Vette
  • Image of Fett's Vette
  • Image of Fett's Vette

Fett's Vette


Lisa took another shot of Jameson as the next patron walked into the bar. He was an older gentleman, balding. He had a cheap collared shirt on and khaki pants with a couple of stains on them. She could make out the tan line on his finger, where a wedding ring should have been. She knew that he screamed mini-van, so she brushed him off and waited for the next person to walk into the bar. The bartender walked by and put a drink next to her. It was lightly colored liquor with a disgusting smell and a cherry on top; something she would never order. She looked up at the bartender and asked "what's this?" to which he replied "the gentleman over there bought this for you". She turned to look at a younger man sitting a couple tables over who was flashing his pearly whites at her. She remembered him walking in earlier with a couple of other young guys. Probably a bunch of frat boys looking to get laid tonight. She smiled back and he wasted no time getting out of his seat to come sit by her at the bar. "Sup," he so gracefully said. Oh yeah, she thought, definitely a frat boy. "Hello", Lisa replied back, then asked "what kind of drink is this?" He moved the drink closer to her and told her it was an Amaretto Sour, which she hated. Before Lisa could tell him to piss off, the Bro pulled out his keys and phone and set them on the counter, while he spouted off some story about his awesome keg stand skills. Her eyes widened when she saw the keys. They belonged to a 1968 Chevrolet Corvette L-88. Lisa had stolen her share of impressive vehicles, but this one was the holy grail. Lisa was focused now and ready to ditch the trust fund baby and take his car. Before the Bro could finish his story, she stopped him, picked up the keys, and told him to go tell his friends goodbye and to use the bathroom now because she lived on the other side of the city. The Bro, with smoothness similar to sandpaper, excitedly got up and ran to the bathroom. Lisa got up, put her jacket on and pulled money out for her tab and put it on the counter next to the glass of Amaretto Sour that now had a cell phone in it. She then made her way out of the bar, smiling from ear to ear once she saw the L-88 across the street.

This polish has a sky blue crelly base with holographic shimmer with various sizes and shapes of gray, silver, and blue glitter. It is 3-free with 4 stainless steel mixing balls (mini bottles contain 2). Larger sized glitter may require some extra patience retrieving them from the bottle. Due to the size of some glitters, settling may occur. Turning the bottle upside down for a few minutes and then shaking prior to application will help.

For opacity, the polish may require up to three coats.

Picture 1 is courtesy of ColorSplash Nails.

Picture 2 is courtesy of Polish Monster.

Picture 3 is courtesy of Cosmetic Sanctuary.

NOTE: Pops does not come with the mini polish. Thanks ;)

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